2019 School Team Summer Basketball Leagues

Schedules will be posted week by week. (First week Schedule will be posted here by May 24th)

Monday Nights: (Starts June 3rd)

6th Boys: Magnolia, Warren, Jackson, Eastern, Williamstown, Tyler Consolidated, Blennerhassett, Edison, Federal Hocking, Wirt County, Ripley, Hamilton (This League is FULL)

7th Boys: Warren Blue, Warren White, Blennerhassett, Edison, Ravenswood, Pleasants County, Williamstown,
(This League has 1 opening)

Tuesday Nights: (Starts June 4th)

8th Boys: Waren “Blue”, Warren “White”, Williamstown, Blennerhassett, Edison, Ravenswood, Gallipolis, Pleasants County, Marietta, Jackson, Tyler Consolidated, Wirt County, Ripley, Waterford, Sissonville, Wahama (This League has 4 openings)

Wednesday NIghts: (Starts June 5th)

6th Girls: VanDevender, Hamilton, Ravenswood, Warren, Doddridge, Blennerhassett, Edison
(This League has 3 openings)

7th Girls: Ravenswood, Warren, Edison, Blennerhassett, Marietta, Roane County, Pleasants County, Fairmont West
(This League has 2 openings)

Thursday Nights: (Starts June 6th)

8th Girls: Ravenswood, Nelsonville York, VanDevender, Hamilton, Warren, Blennerhassett, Edison,
Federal Hocking, Wirt County, Waterford, Marietta, Williamstown, Belpre, Pleasants County, Roane County, Fairmont West (This League has 4 openings)

Friday Nights: (Starts June 7th)

5th Boys: Criss, Warren, Greenmont, Madison, Ravenswood, Kanawha, Blennerhassett/Edison, Vienna
(This League has 2 openings)

5th Girls: Wirt County, Warren, Kanawha, Greenmont, Vienna, Worthington, Greenmont
(This League has 3 openings)

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2019 Spring Travel Ball Tournament Schedule

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