Where we started

The Elite Sports Center is a community owned facility which was built for the sole purpose of helping the kids of the Mid-Ohio Valley. During a very difficult financial time (2008), more than 80 families, businesses, and friends came together raising over $1.2 million dollars to build this facility. This laid the foundation for the opening of the facility in October of 2009. 

The plaque pictured below is displayed in the entry way of the "E" thanking the original investors. Others have joined the Ownership family since our grand opening. We continue to encourage others to become a part of our caring investment family. 

Elite Owners Plaque.JPG

In addition, we would like to thank our current Board of Directors:

  • Chris Hall

  • Abdi Ghodsi

  • Bill Camp

  • Bart Beckley

  • Terry Crislip

  • Scott Helmic

  • Jay Jones

  • Ken Miller

  • Jeff McElroy

  • Todd Molessa

  • Bill Parkard

  • Rob Strcula

  • Scott Stevens