Meet Our Team

Terry Crislip


Learning about Life through Sports is the slogan used at the “E” and was initiated by Terry based on the impact that sports has had on his life. Many times people ask the question “How important are sports in comparison to education?” Most people say that “E”ducation is much more important, but in Terry’s life he believes that both were of “E”qual value (with sports getting the nod if he had to pick one over the other).  Thus his “E”nthusiasm for “E”ncouraging “E”verybody to follow their dream, if sports are a part of that Dream. Terry is writing a book titled In the Game of Life Are You Winning or Losing?

He wants to help others by providing input on how to do things the right Way in this all important game. Terry is married to Pamala Crislip and together, they have two sons, Bryan and Chad. He also has four grandchildren: Cooper, Maggie, Emerson and Conner. Terry oversees the financial and billing aspects of The Elite, as well as basketball operations. Contact Terry at (304) 615-9201 or email him.

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Bryan Crislip

Bryan oversees basketball training, soccer tournaments, training and leagues. Contact Bryan at (304) 615-0014 or email him

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Joe Crislip

Joe oversees operations at the Elite, as well as facility scheduling and basketball programming. Contact Joe at (304) 488-5725 or email him.

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Stacy Houser

Stacy oversees Temple Challenge, as well as all fitness, speed and agility training. Contact Stacy at (304) 488-8906 or email her.

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Bart Beckley

Contact Bart at (740) 274-2793 or email him.